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Ferry Pier is a hyperlocal site about the area with the same name in Tuen Mun, Hong Kong.


The Tuen Mun Ferry Pier neighborhood is situated at the Tuen Mun waterfront, bounded by the Tuen Mun River and Butterfly Beach, in New Territories West, Hong Kong (Bing Maps, Google Maps).

Tuen Mun was one of the first new towns in Hong Kong with development starting in the early 1970s.^ Parts of Tuen Mun and the entire waterfront area were developed on land reclaimed from Castle Peak Bay.^^ While Tuen Mun, as a whole, has a population of about half a million people, the Ferry Pier area has considerably fewer residents.^

Although across the airport, the Ferry Pier area is generally not affected by aircraft noise as arrival and departure flight paths do not involve overflying the area.^


Views from the waterfront include fishing boats, cargo vessels, airplanes, the Brothers (islands), and Tung Chung and Chek Lap Kok (Hong Kong International) Airport on Lantau Island.

Depending on direction and perspective, units with views of the East may have additional views of the Gold Coast and Tsing Ma Bridge while units with views of the West may have views of the River Trade Terminal, Butterfly Beach, and, on a clear day, Macau.


Although the housing estates in the Tuen Mun Ferry Pier neighborhood have provisions for private vehicles, public transportation is accessible and convenient.

Beneath Ocean Walk, the shopping centre of the Pierhead Garden housing estate, is a public ground transportation hub with taxis (to New Territories (Green), Hong Kong and Kowloon (Red)), buses (to Shenzhen Bay Port (B3), Mong Kok East Station (59X), Shum Shui Po (59A), Tsuen Wan Station (59M)), minibuses (boarded at the roadside to Sheung Shui Station (44), Lok Ma Chau interchange (44B)), and light rail (for connections to West Rail (Tuen Mun or Siu Hong Station); to Yuen Long (610, 614, 615), Siu Hong (614P, 615P), Tin King (507)). Intermediate bus stops to other destinations are located nearby.

The ferry pier has ferries to Tung Chung and Tai O (via Sha Lo Wan), operated by Fortune Ferry while the Marina Garden Ferry Pier has water taxies to Sam Shing, convenient for short dining excursions.


Four private housing estates (Marina Garden, Miami Beach Towers, Pierhead Garden, Richland Garden) and one public housing estate (Melody Garden) are on Wu Chui Road and line the seaside promenade.

Living on the waterfront offers the benefit of sea breezes, southern sun exposure, changing views, and easy access to the Tuen Mun Promenade and Butterfly Beach (and its barbeque areas), in addition to the amenities present in the housing estates.

Shopping and dining can be completed at the Ocean Walk (more mainstream stores) and Richland Garden (more small businesses) shopping centres. A longer walk to Melody Garden or the Butterfly Shopping Centre associated with the Butterfly Public Housing Estate provides access to a larger variety of small businesses and mainstream stores.


For recreational activities that cannot be fulfilled in the housing estates or Butterfly Beach, the Tuen Mun Ferry Pier is a convenient base with public facilities (e.g., Tuen Mun Golf Centre, Archery Range, Adventure Park (Climbing Wall), Tuen Mun Public Riding School) within walking distance and private facilities (e.g., Tuen Mun Canoe Club Waterfront Training Centre) a short distance away. Castle Peak is also available for hiking at your own risk.

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Public ground transportation at Ocean Walk

New Territories (Green)
Hong Kong Island and Kowloon (Red)
Light Rail
West Rail: Siu Hong Station (all but 507)
West Rail: Tuen Mun Station (507)
Yuen Long (610, 614, 615)
Siu Hong (614P, 615P)
Tin King (507)
Shenzhen Bay Port (B3)
Mong Kok East Station (59X)
Shum Shui Po (59A)
Tsuen Wan Station (59M)
Sheung Shui Station (44)
Lok Ma Chau interchange (44B)